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Realm Of The Phoenix

You are entering The Realm of Lord and Lady Phoenix.
All are welcome to rest here.
Enjoy good food and fine wine with us 
Our Fine Knights.
Lords and Ladies alike are invited to join with us.

Lord and Lady Phoenix

The Kingdom

This Realm began the 13th of June 1998.
At the joining of Princess Danielle to Prince Phoenix.
As a gift from their parents they were given
land dividing both kingdoms.
Which is now know as the 
Realm of The Phoenix.

Lord and Lady Phoenix 
are inviting all whom wish to reside here,
and become a most honorable Knight to the new 
King and Queen
you are humbly invited to make your request
for Knighthood known to the King.
You shall be concidered.

Also Ladies in waiting are desired for the Queen.

Thank you
The Secretary to King Phoenix.

Enter Here